What’s a PMD?

The purpose of the PMD is for one person on a filmmaking team to be responsible for audience engagement. – Jon Reiss

“Producer of Marketing and Distribution” (or PMD) was coined by Jon Reiss in his book Think Outside The Box Office.  The discussion of the development of this position continued on Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film Blog and at IndieWire.

IFP‘s Future Forward Industry Initiatives at Film Week 2012 included a number of initiatives aimed at expanding the networks and educating established film and media professionals on issues prevalent within the art and business of 21st Century storytelling and audience engagement:

The launch of IFP and FILMMAKER Magazine’s REINVENT: Media Arts for the 21st Century – Consisting of a series of short talks by innovators who have radically rethought the art and business of media arts for the 21st century.

IFP Producer of Marketing & Distribution Labs – IFP & director Jon Reiss (Bomb It!) have created the world’s first Producer of Marketing & Distribution (PMD) Labs, a six month fellowship providing select producers, marketing and digital strategists the tools and networks necessary to create a audience engagement strategy for select feature films from IFP’s 2012 Independent Filmmaker Labs.

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